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Replication Game at this year's Polmeth



For those who were unable to attend the pre-games meeting, please watch the recording of the meeting here. This will help you understand your expectations for the Games. You can access the reporting template here.


The Institute for Replication (I4R) is hosting a Replication Games at the upcoming Polmeth meeting in Riverside, CA on Saturday July 20th, 2024. Replication Games are one-day events that brings researchers together to collaborate on replicating papers published in high-ranking journals. Replication is a crucial aspect of scientific research, ensuring that results are reliable and reproducible. By participating in the Replication Games, you will not only contribute to the integrity of research in your field but also have the opportunity to network with fellow researchers and develop your coding skills. All participants will be given co-authorship to a meta paper aggregating the reproduction/replications results.

Participants will be matched with other researchers working in the same field. Each team will work to reproduce a recently published study in a leading political science journal. For this event we will select papers from Political Analysis.

In person participation is encouraged but it is also possible to participate virtually. Registration is free and in-person participants will be treated to complimentary breakfast and lunch with coffee served throughout the day.

Participants should register here: https://www.surveymonkey.ca/r/I4R_PolMeth_Games_2024 . There is no cost to register but the event is capped at 50 participants.

This event is part of games organized all over the world by the Institute for Replication. This year, I4R is hosting events at Berkeley, Brown, Cambridge, Oxford, UCLA and in 20 more locations. All researchers (e.g., graduate students, post-doc, faculty) are welcome.

Participants in the replication game are eligible for the discounted hotel conference rate at the Mission Inn for each night including Saturday. Please see the venue/hotel tab of this website for details on arranging your hotel room. 

For questions about the Polmeth Replication Games, please contact Derek Mikola, Research Scientist, Institute for Replication, derek.mikola@gmail.com